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                    BPW: The voice of working Women


Secret Sisters/Secret Pals  will be revealed at the May 12th meeting!  You should purchase, at a minimum, a birthday, Christmas and end of the year gift for your sister.  If you have not, please bring gifts to the May 12th meeting, at which time Secret Sisters will be revealed.

About Secret Sisters:

 Secret Sisters is an optional activity that we enjoy in BPW. Names are drawn at the beginning of the club year and remains a secret until the end of the year. The program runs from June 1st to May 31st. There are three mandatory gifts required for participation: a birthday gift, at Christmas and at the end of the year in May, at which time you will reveal your identify to your Sister. You may also wish to surprise your Sister with cards and/or gifts at any other time during the year, such as Valentine‚Äôs Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, or -- just because! Those gifts are at your option; you are only required to purchase the three mandatory gifts. We encourage you, however, to purchase items listed by your Sister on her "gift suggestion form" to ensure she gets something she WANTS.

Remember -

It's a secret who your secret sister is until April 2022!! So keep your identity a secret and don't put your name on any gifts until the end of the club year. It's going to be fun!!