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                    BPW: The voice of working Women




The  2021 BPW/FL State Conference was held June 17-20 at the beautiful Saddlebrook Resort and Spa in Wesley Chapel.  It was four days of enrichment , empowerment, workshops and fellowship.

BPW History

Founded in 1919, BPW has a long track record of promoting equity for women in the workplace. Whether you are a business owner or an employee, BPW provides leadership through advocacy, education, and information within our communities, states, and the nation on issues important to all working women. Through BPW, you can connect with mentors, colleagues, and friends who can assist you in advancing your career and making the right connections. You can also thrive professionally through exclusive membership development programs.

While mobilizing for World War I, the U.S. government recognized the need for a cohesive group to coordinate identification of women's available skills and experience. A Women's War Council, financed through a federal grant, was established by the War Department to organize the resources of professional women. The National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs was founded on July 15, 1919.

Throughout the years, three major issues shaped BPW's legislative agenda: elimination of sex discrimination in employment, the principle of equal pay, and the need for a comprehensive equal rights amendment.

BPW/FL Governance

The Florida Federation of Business & Professional Women chartered in 1919 and is governed by Federation Bylaws and our Florida Handbook. In addition, the BPW Standing Rules of Order are approved by members in attendance at statewide meetings. Standing Rules of Order are established for the purpose of keeping order and getting through a meeting on time and staying on task with the agenda. They also protect the voices of all by ensuring everyone has an opportunity to be heard.

BPW/FL standing committees are where the action is in BPW/FL. Standing committees are the link between state programs and local programs.